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Filoboletus manipularis | ©Ken J. Beath   (Bola Creek, Royal NP, Australia)

Filoboletus manipularis is a strange fungi, from a distance, it looks like some sort of a Mycena species. However, when you take a closer look, there are some significant differences. Most importantly, there are pores to bear the basidiospores where there should be gills.

Filoboletus manipularis is a common mushroom of the tropics in southeast Asia, Australia, and other parts of the old world and new world tropics. There is some evidence that F. manipularis is really a species complex, consisting of two or more “cryptic” species that are “hidden” within this one species.

It has been placed in a variety of other genera, including Poromycena, Favolus, Porolaschia, Laschia, and Mycena. In fact, according to Desjardin et al. (2008), it probably doesn’t belong in *any* of these genera. According to PCR and DNA sequencing studies, all of these genera fall into what is called the “mycenoid clade,” a fancy term for species that are in the genus Mycena or closely related. Further studies indicate that Filoboletus manipularis does not belong with other species of Filoboletus. Yet it also does not belong with Poromycena, Mycena or any other described genus. According to Desjardin et al. this species needs a new genus. 

In any case, this fungus cause a wood decay, probably a white rot. Some of the strains of this species are also bioluminescent, producing their own enzymes that allow them to glow in the dark.


Look at these pretty like friends.


Tips for being an adult:

  • there are none
  • don’t become an adult
  • stay a child forever
  • Peter Pan was right


Are Some Dog Breeds More Aggressive?

It’s widely debated whether a dog’s level of aggression towards strangers due to it’s breed, or the way it’s owner raises it. Some states even have laws that are specific to certain breeds. Anthony gets to the bottom of this question and finds the reasons why certain dogs can be so aggressive.

via DNews Channel.

Dogs are our friends

43 Masonic by Orly the Lion

I am seated in a slightly crowded,mobile room where most people are also seated, some standing.
I think folks call this a bus.

I hear the hi-pass sound of a double pedal-bass drum clicking.
The man with dreads sitting adjacent to me is bobbing his head to the wires sticking out of his ears

I bob my head a little too.

the outstretched vehicle comes to a halt as the doors open.
A few people inside exchange places for the people outside.
Someone is drawing a cat.

He is using a red pen.

my stop is coming up pretty soon

Someone is smoking a cigarette out the window

The bus driver is going to catch him

They always do

An unkempt looking female sits across from me.

She has a bag full of glass bottles and soda cans.

Her hair is curly and dirty blond.

Or maybe brown, I can never tell the difference

She looks unhappy.

Mumbling angry nonsense to nobody.

I wish I knew a way to cheer her up.

I think my stop is the next one

There is a child writing her name on the condensation on the window.

The mother is trying to stop her, but she won’t listen.
She gives up trying.
Why was it even a problem in the first place?

There is someone on drugs

either that or they are really fucking anxious

The girl in front of me has cute hair

and talks on the phone very loud

She’s calling in sick for work

I don’t think she is sick

I wonder where she works?

Someone is reading a Chinese newspaper

Shit looks complicated

The man across from me has an iguana named Charlie

I forget the name of the man but he is staring me down

His quivering lips begin to maneuver

He tells me he is a healer

That he senses great sadness in me

I am lost in this world
He asks me what it is that happened

What has been holding my spirit back

I tell him I have no fucking idea what he’s talking about

I’m pretty sure I missed my stop

The bus driver politely screams in a rather colorful manor

asking the fellow in the back to put out his cigarette

The person that just got on is blind

guide dogs are wonderful creatures

Something smells like moldy oranges

I hear a Ray Charles playing

I think it’s just a ringtone

I am certain now that I missed my stop
Oh well, it will loop around

I’m having a good time

The girl with pretty hair who was calling in sick for work earlier is looking at me

she quickly looked away when I noticed

That was a joyful interaction

probably the only one we will ever have

A very drunk older gentleman in the back of the bus sings Time by Pink Floyd rather incoherently

I begin to grin.

The rest of people are looking at their little portable screens

tablets, smart phones, whatever else.
You can do that anywhere

You could do that sitting at home alone

there is so much to witness here

Now I’m thinking

all these people are awesome

they are so diverse

and cool

and I don’t know

something about being clustered in a room with a bunch of strangers

all in the same place for absolutely different reasons

but we are here

This is phenomenal

its amazing

no one else around seems to think so

except maybe the one person on drugs

Why does no one care

about the vastness of rabble

The sea of gatherers

formed only by chance

Wait a minute

this bus isn’t the only one

It comes every 12 minutes

If I had missed this bus,

I would have been placed amongst a different kind

I would have different questions

different thoughts

I would learn a new lesson

and that new set of experiences

happen every twelve minutes

not even that

There are nearly 100 bus lines in San Francisco

Not to mention metro and bart
Theres the cities north of the bay

east of the bay


and all their bus lines

Every city in this state outside the bay area

and every city in every state outside California

as well as every city in every country outside the United States

all the ones with some systematic, chronic flow of public vehicles

More than one could count

The hours of stories one could develop

of life one could experience

questions one could have answered

Wisdom one could gain

need not be found at the top of the world

or the bottom of the ocean
or the center of the universe

All you have to do is pause Angry Birds, or Doodle Jump, or whatever.

and look up



Indigenous American population as a percentage by county [950x765]

This is cool


You Are What You Eat

Geometrid Moth Caterpillar (Geometridae)

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

See more Chinese caterpillars on my Flickr site HERE…..

Little fucker knows how to camouflage. What a friend.


How to support your local wildlife this spring

I used to volunteer at a wildlife hospital near my house and I learned a lot about local wildlife.

It was sometime a few years ago I learned how important it is to not take life seriously.


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Varo Remedios
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